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Basic Maintenance Package
This package consists of our most basic service. It will include mowing of the lawn, edging, weed eating, and blowing off the lawn and concrete surfaces. Rates starting at $45 per visit. All other services offered not included. An estimate is required for exact pricing.

Shrub & Pruning  Package
Our pruning package is to maintain your shrubs and flowers beauty year round. With this package your landscape flowers will get the proper pruning, shaping and feeding they need to survive each growing season and seasons to come. This package can be an individual package or added to other packages. Estimate required.

Fertilization & Weed Control
This program consists of weed and pest management for your lawn. All lawns require annual treatments and feedings to stay at their full potential. This program gets you 7 visits annually including pre and post-emergent visits, spot treatments as well as fertilizing and lime treatments throughout the year. This package can be an individual package or added to other packages. Prices will vary for each lawn. Estimate required.

Flower Bed Maintenance Package
The flower bed maintenance package is built to keep your beds free of weeds, edged, disease free, and maintain that freshly installed bedding look year round. At every visit, your flowerbeds will look like they were just installed. Having excellent looking beds year round will enhance the way your landscape stands out from the rest without the back-breaking installations each year saving you time and money.

Annual Lawn Package
The Annual Lawn package is your worry-free year-round property management. For one price, your lawn will receive a mowing schedule with your choice of weekly, 10 days or bi-weekly, fertilization & weed control, shrub & flower pruning along with flower bed maintenance. This package ensures you that your lawn will look its best daily without taking away your free time. This package will require an annual contract and qualifies for our annual payment plan. Estimate required.

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